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The importance of a good and experienced shaman

Warning: Ayahuasca is an enormous hype at the moment. But it is better to do no ayahuasca at all, than to do it with the wrong people. And there are much more badly guided ceremonies, than good guided ones with experienced, genuine and honest shamans. The whole field of ayahuasca shamanism is terribly polluted and misused by people that only wants to make a lot of money.  

A shaman is a healer and a guide to the spiritual worlds. He or she must be able to protect the  ceremonies in a spiritual way, so that the ayahuasa experience is a safe experience for all participants. The shaman / healer has to bring spiritual healing energies into the ceremony. So that he or she be a channel for these forces, a medium. This can only happens with healers / shamans who have many years of experience with this plant and know how to incorporate high spiritual powers, preferably the own Higher Self. They also need to know how to liberate people from dark and evil energies.

Ayahuasca is not just another form of therapy. It is a spiritual experience. In the chapter on Spirit Attachments,  I have explained that ayahuasca is, among other things, designed to liberate people from negative energies. However, this does mean that the shaman or the person who holds a ceremony need to have a lot of experience in this field. He or she  must be able to recognize this energy, suck and spit it out and the shaman should be able to protect the other participants. And unfortunately  this is very often not the case. Many ceremony-leaders, especially Westerners, who are working with this plant medicine do only see the Light side and the therapeutic side. They speak only about the Love and the Light which the ayahuasca can give.  But precisely because it can bring so much Love and Light, there will be a huge amounts of Darkness that is been activated in the people. Most people are energetically very polluted as well from negative experiences in this life as from previous lives.

And many of those self-made shamans do not see that at all, because they lack a proper training. Some of the most famous ayahuasca leaders here in the Netherlands have never even been to the Amazon of their lives, let alone have an authentic shaman as a teacher. And it goes even further: this self-made shamans even deny the existence of negative entities. According to them, these are all projections of one's own mind. Look, I think it's just fine the way people think about this all, but than you should not give ayahuasca to others. Then do something else, give therapy or whatever. But then keep far from ayahuasca, which is specially designed to liberate people from these negative entities.

Therefore it is of utmost importance that the shaman is in contact with his/her own Higher Self  and also can connect the participants with their Higher Self. Because everyone is fully open under the influence of ayahuasca you risk to pick up entities from other participants and then you will go worse off than you came in. This happens quite often I hear from people who afterwards will seek help from me.

Ayahuasca is a neutral force, the plant can be used for positive things and negative things. Everything depends on the level of the shaman / healer that works with this plant and with his intentions, experience and spiritual connections leads the power of the plant.

What to think of this story:

My husband Mark became psychotic in April 2016 after he had taken part in an ayahuasca ceremony in the Netherlands. From a quiet, nice, and humble man he turned into a very aggressive and totally unstable person. I have a son together with him and we were both afraid of him.  I had to call the police several times for protection and I  notified them that this behavior started after an ayahuasca ceremony at an organization in the Netherlands. I have spoken to the subsequent organization, but we were referred to a psychologist.

I am originally from Peru and my husband has been there often, too. Without informing me he went in his psychotic state to Peru to seek help from shamans over there. He stayed there for six weeks wandering around and issued 4000 Euro, but he did not found anyone who could help him. He returned to the Netherlands, because his money was gone. And his situation had not improved. Eventually I found Hannah from The Awakening (this organization so that you are on the website). She helped him with one treatment to get rid of all his demonic possession and he is now completely back to normal. But he has lost his job, all our savings money is gone and we have been living six months in a hell. A thousand thanks to Hannah without whom Mark probably never properly would have recovered.  She is the only one in the Netherlands that I trust with ayahuasca. Written by Milka from Tilburg.

And this is not the only person who has become very confused and psychotic after participating in ayahuasca ceremonies. I have already dealt with at least 30 other people who have been in a ceremony and came in trouble afterwards.. Panic attacks, anxiety, paranoia, sleepless nights, depression, sightings of demons, all of which points to demonic possession. Mostly there is in these ceremonies no spiritual guidance or protection let alone  that healings and liberations are given. Ayahuasca is given by very inexperienced people who have absolutely no clue to what is all about. There are many organizations for ayahuasca in the Europe, but most have no understanding of business. And referring you to a conversation with a psychologist certainly beats anything. As if a psychologist can liberate you from a demonic possession Personally, I think these people should stop immediate. There is done a lot of damage.

And here is another reaction from a person who was in a bad guided ceremony: A friend sent me your newsletter and I read your website article about the dangers of bad shamans. I have sat in a dozen or so ceremonies, mostly guided by westerners . Last August I did 4 ceremonies in an Oregon retreat with a small group. It seemed to go very well. Afterward a series a bad events began to happen one after another and have continued to this day. Since then I also developed a bad, although intermittent, internet porn addiction, which I never had before. The couple in Oregon had been trained by a Mestizo in Peru.I actually feel much worse after these ceremonies than I was before. 

 A real experienced ayahuasca shaman from the indigenous tribes in South-America must undergo a very rigorous training of a year-long fasting and daily drinking of  ayahuasca with an authentic teacher in a secluded spot in the Amazon. He has to do that  in order to get to know all aspects of ayahuasca. And those aspects includes the world of Light and the world of Darkness (Duality- Polarity Game) , the recognition of diseases and how to cure them. The recognition of trauma and the recognition of the associated entities and demons and the knowledge how to liberate them and most of all how to protect the participants against it. That is an incredible hard training and many can’t keep up and give up their ambition to become a ayahuasca shaman.
It is too ridiculous for words that, in Europe, many people who  drink ayahuasca a couple of times find themselves ready to hold ceremonies.

But also with well trained shamans who come from the Amazon Area, there are a lot of abuses taking place. Sexual abuse of western women who participate in their ceremonies happens very often. The journalist Annie Oak has done a very extensive research into this subject and published the results in an article titled: The abuse of power in ceremonies that use psycho-active substance. You can read it here: http://visionarycongress.org/abuse-of-power-in-ceremonies-that-use-psychoactive-substances/

Many people do not know it, but in the Amazon region it is full with  so-called black ayahuasca shamans. These are shamans who work with black magic, demons and entities and thus make other people sick, bring a lot of misfortune and often kill other people. I estimate that half of the ayahuasca shamans in the Amazon is working with the Light realms and the other half with evil and darkness. I myself have met several of those black shamans when I studied in Ecuador and I have had lots of problems with them, like most shamans who work with the Light Forces.

In the Amazon region it is not as peaceful as it all seems. There's a continuous struggle between white and black shamans. This you can also read in all the serious books that have been written about ayahuasca shamanism and of which I'll mention a few below. Black shamans are very dangerous. I personally know three white shamans from Ecuador and Peru who died through black magic. And black shamans  also work with ayahuasca. And their ayahuasca sows death and destruction due to the intentions of the black shamans. It is clear that ayahuasca in itself is a neutral force that is guided by the intentions and capabilities of the shaman who works with it.

Another warning: black shamans also travel to Europe to give ayahuasca ceremonies. 

More about this subject:

Peter Gorman  Ayahuasca in my blood. This is a book in which you can read about a the tremendous fights between a white and a black shaman

R. Stuart  Ayahuasca Tourism: a cautionary tale 
In this article which you can find with google the author warns thoroughly about the risks from ayahuasca-tourism. Being deceived and cheated with money, sexual abuse and badly guided ceremonies which brings demonic possession to the participants are very common.