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 The Virus of Religions 
and the War on Human Consciousness

God, angels, saviours and ascended masters does not exist. They are part of the illusion created by the Annunaki  and especially Enki who declared himself to be our god. Annunaki members and Draco Reptilians pretend to be angels and archangels. Archangel (Archont)  Michael, Saint Germain, Kuthumi ,Mary Magdelene, Metatron, Melchizedeks and all the others. They pretend to help us, but in the end they deceive us into more illusions.   All the channeled messages are from False Light and it is even dangerous to listen to it. By only listening to False Light channelings negative entities can attach themselves to your energy-system and possess you. 

The Old  Testament describes the history of the Annunaki on Earth and it was Enki and later his son Marduk who pretended to be  our one and only god. So the Christians, Jews and Muslims are worshiping a malevolent Draco Reptilian King who’s only rule is to divide and conquer and to keep the human beings enslaved under his control. Likewise the concepts of heaven and hell are also not real.

The only thing that is real is that we are Infinite Beings that are captured in a human body and are being recycled again and again, life after life
. Yes, it is scary, it is spooky and it is designed with a cruelty that is beyond all imagination. Although the God that we know is a concept of False Light, as Infinite Beings we are an aspect of Source. On a higher level we are all connected and we are a fractal of Source.

There is no use asking agents of the Matrix to validate the truth of your awakening, for you will only end up being diagnosed and medicated. You are simply becoming sane in an insane world. Now, more than ever, it is time for those who have already lifted these veils of deception to assist others who need the ‘survival’ band-aid ripped off quickly. A considerably-revised history lesson with regards to our true human origins is in order for the majority of humanity. Access the information, educate yourself, grab the sword of truth, and start swinging. 

If you have been born on this planet, then you are (to some degree or another) suffering the effects of a society that has become pathologically obedient to religious programming, and even those who break free from this tyrannical mechanism are oftentimes subsequently trained to become tolerant of all religions, rather than encouraged to clearly identify this dis-empowering phenomenon as being one of the main contributing factors to humanity’s continuing enslavement

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