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Client Reviews

Review from November 2018,,
I had another wonderful time at your ceremony over the weekend.

I came with a lot of questions and my Higher Self gave me answers. What amazed me most was how simple the answers were. The switch from one state to another is very easy. I get a lot more about what you both are doing and it still amazes me that not more people trying to experience this.  It also astounds me at how many people are very polluted in the energy system and not even ready to connect when now it seems the most natural and simple thing to do. It feels right, yet looking back at my own journey, I see the amount of obstacles and darkness I had to get through 1st. 

The blocks the matrix puts in the way is insane and thank you so much to both of you for showing the way. For understanding about how the matrix works and clearing the way so people can get to their higher selves. It is incredible what you are both doing, and I cannot thank you both enough. Keep up the good work. I will keep in touch about latest my own findings and progression. Paul from UK

Review from April 2018,
Very chill ceremony and amazing Karmic Body Removal, really feeling mentally 20 years younger. All the mass of my shoulders. Since then so much more in contact with myself, people around me and even trees in the woods, clear thinking. Really life-changing. Maarten from Haarlem, Netherlands

Review from December 2017

Hi Hannah, I have attended an  New Frequency Ceremony with ayahuasca with you and Barbara in 2017 and during that ceremony I had the Karmic Body Removal done.  In all honesty I thought it was a rather frightening process being on the ayahuasca and I really wasn't prepared for the treatment as well. And to some extent I just put it to the back of my mind as I was afraid to think or really reflect deeply about it.

 However I do know now that it has clearly worked.  I feel like the knowledge of how we are trapped in the false matrix is coming to me and how readily I can see and accept it must be due to what  was shown to me during your ceremony in Amsterdam.

As such I now feel that I would be ready for connection to Higher Self and Removal of the Blue print but I don't think I would partake of the ayahuasca again as I felt quite overwhelmed by everything. I would like to try the Blue Lotus tea instead. So firstly I want to say thank you it was clearly very powerful. Thank you for all that you do. Michelle 

Review October 2017

I want to thank you for the profound New Frequency ceremony where I drank ayahuasca for the first time.. It was very deep, powerful, pure spirit working through you that I have not yet experienced so far from somebody European! Thank you so much! I am working on the integration of my insights and experiences. Bottomline is to start a new life symbolically and psychologically and in the outside world. Thank you so much for making this possible. R. from Germany (psycho-therapist)

Review January 2018
In short: Compassionate shamans deeply in touch with the true nature of reality, ready to walk with you on your journey and do not just see you as a number.I have been working with Hannah and Barbara using ayahuasca for the last 18 months. I have had a lot of support in healing my various serious health conditions and I now feel like a different person. Their approach is very responsible, compassionate and they are deeply connected with the non-physical realm. They are true shamans.   Faith from England.

Review February 2018
Thank you so much for your wonderful ceremonies last year. It started me on a healing journey to Connect with my Higher Self and find a permanent solution from my migraines. When I first saw you I was at the end of my tolerance experiencing 2-3 migraines a week and was in a constant headache. The pain was so unbearable. Now after two of your treatments where many dark energies has lifted I have no headaches and might get a migraine once every 2 months. It's truly amazing. Francesco from Australia

Lastly, in Jan 2018 I attended the healing retreat hosted by Barbara and Hannah in Gambia. This was life changing for me. One of my ceremonies was on a private section of a gorgeous white sand beach, under palm trees and the other in a private garden enclosure with mango trees. I was looked after so well by Barbara, Hannah and Lamin, they even took our group on sightseeing tours in Gambia and introduced us to the local culture. If you are looking for an holistic approach with very experienced shamans that live, eat and sleep this work - then I highly recommend Hannah and Barbara. Together, Hannah, Barbara and Lamin provide the safest, most cost effective and genuinely insightful venue and support to journey. Carly from England

 I have been three times to this centre. Each time it has been enlightening and I have had a good and needed experience. Hannah, Barbara  are all very gifted and they have helped me personally overcome a lot of my fears and anxiety. I feel l have let go of a lot of my hang ups and am now living a more fulfilled life. I really recommend the karmic body removal.. The settings are very tranquil and it is made special being in my opinion one of the most relaxed European cities, Amsterdam. I highly recommend this ceremony to anyone who wishes to find out more about liberation and  true potential as a human and spiritual being. Paul from Berlin

I have been working with shamans from South America for many years. But what these Dutch ladies can do spiritually for healing and liberation I have never experienced before. It is beyond imagination and I feel so much gratitude for her and the powers that she work with. I do not want to go to Peru anymore but I regularly visit their ceremonies in Amsterdam. The Karmic Body Removal treatment is very profound and has long lasting effects. G. from Italy (cardiologist)

I have had a rough life with a lot of drug abuse. My mother died when I was seven and this left un incredible pain and trauma in me. When I get older I disconnected from the pain with partying and taking all kinds of drugs. When I finally came to Hannah in 2014 I was a total mess and suffering from anxiety disorder. I was afraid for almost everything, I was totally eaten by my fears and the demons connected to it. Because I live in Spain I could not visit her regularly, but after two individual treatments from her I improved a lot. I quit all the drugs and partying, found a job and started a new and healthy life. I became very interested in new life styles working with health food and herbs. My friends and family were amazed to see this transformation. My father is very proud on me now and supports me in every way he can.
Although everything went much better I still felt that I needed more healing. When I recently visited Hannah again she just started to work with these New Frequency Ceremonies and she has removed my Karmic Body. Barbara and Hannah treated me together and from that moment my life has become wonderful. I feel so much energy from Higher self and I can see everything in a new perspective, in a higher frequency. One of my worst problems was the sensitivity that I had for the stress and anxiety from other people. This is all gone now, I do not feel it anymore and I feel calm and peaceful within myself.  Mercedes from Spain 

I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to participate in a group ceremony and the Removal of my Karmic Body. The experience was quite difficult for me in the beginning, but after the Removal of my Karmic Body I started to feel better. Since I can remember I have had addictive tendencies... fast foods, cigarettes, weed. For the past years I have been working on letting these habits go, one by one. At times it felt like I could not do this alone and the months before the ceremony I had been really depressed and like there was a wall I could not pass.  When I was 7 years old I started to feel depression, hurting myself on purpose and not having much will to live. Before this I was always thinking „what is wrong with me? „ „why do I have to pretend feeling joy and love?“ Now I see that these were demons, feeding on my negative energy after they found a way into me and at last they are gone. 

This helped me and healed in so many ways... I have completely let go of weed (I have often times let go of it but for the first time it let go of me!) , my heart is lighter, less worries and judgement for others and more connection to my Higher Self and everything around me.  

This was truly a transforming experience and I am grateful for the things that you bring to this realm. Thank you, much Love and light. HMS from Iceland