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Karmic Body Removal

      This chapter describes your Pain Body and why healing is never ending 

Many stressful emotional patterns repeat themselves again and again.This is the invisible threat of Self-Sabotage. And it is invisible simply because it is an unconscious pattern that repeats itself. According to spiritual author Eckhart Tolle, that old emotional pain is carried around inside a person is an energy system that he calls a Pain Body and we the healers of the Awakening call it the Karmic Body.

In his book “A New Earth” Eckhart Tolle describes the Pain Body as a ‘psychic parasite’ that possesses you and causes you suffering. Everyone is infected to some extentWhat Eckhart Tolle didn’t know in the time he wrote his books The Power of Now (1997) and  A New Earth (2005) is that it is possible to Remove the Karmic Body (or the Pain Body) because it is a false energy system that does not originally belong to us. 

During very deep sessions with and without the sacred plant medicine ayahuasca it was revealed to us that the Karmic Body is a false energy system invented by Annunaki and Reptilians which they wired into us eons ago. They created an artificial energy body and put that into the human energy field to manipulate and control us and to keep us in the reincarnation cycle. The Original Human Being did not have a Karmic Body and was directly connected his/her Higher Self. This was Original Creation. 

What is the Karmic Body?
The Karmic Body is a “very” dense energetic non-physical body aligned with the spine. Out from the Karmic Body extends non-physical webbing that interconnects and flows out energy information into the spinal area.. Our Karmic Body carries forth a mirror blueprint into your Earthly life, infecting the physical body with genetic DNA problems and karmic influences from past-lives. It feels like you live in a box that is designed for you. 

Mostly when we are healing people or ourselves we are always healing the Karmic Body. And that is why healing is never coming to an end because all the time new karma and new programming takes place and then further healing is needed. It is also in the Karmic Body where the majority of the demonic attachments and possessions are located.

It was revealed to us that we as human beings are doing far better without a Karmic Body. In this special time where we are in right now it is possible to remove the Karmic body from our energy system and become liberated from karma, past lives, genetic make-up (illnesses and weak DNA) and ancestor lines.

The first layer that needs to be removed is the Karmic Body. This takes 6 weeks to become integrated in the physical body. There is always a certain time needed between the healing of the energy system and the manifestation in the physical body. The negative energies that have drained you for so long has left an effect on your organs, body-cells and blood. After the removal and deleting of these energies in the energy system it takes minimum 6 weeks to manifest in the physical body. This also has to do with the process of cell renewal that occurs in your body. In many cases you can only fully recover after renewal of the cells. 

Removal of the Karmic Body is the most intense part of the treatments that we offer. The Karmic Body has the shape of a snake,this is the way it how it is designed around the energy system. Through this design you can see who the Creators are behind the Karmic Body. Enki/Lucifer and Marduk and Archont Michael are the main creators of this.

But the most important value of this removal is, is that without a Karmic Body we are liberated from the Reincarnation Cycle.

The Reincarnation Cycle is a very unfair system and it has no justice in it
At the moment there are living around 7 billion people on this planet Earth and they all are living in an energy of fear, despair, hunger, hate, war, lack of love, lack of money, lack of consciousness and lack of free will. All together we generate an enormous vast amount of negative energy from which the world of evil and darkness lives. Feeds itself. Makes them powerful. We are functioning as their energy-source.  And this is has happened thousands of years ago against the Will of Divine Source an against our Free Will.

Before the arrival of extra-terrestrial beings on planet Earth, beings that are living from a frequency of fear and of darkness, the Human Soul returned directly to Higher Self after his/her dead. And so bringing  back and sharing their experiences in the human body with the Higher Self. 
The Annunaki and the Serpent Race (Reptilians) wanted to prevent our souls from returning to Higher Self, because they wanted to keep our souls for their own goals to enslave us and use our energy forever.  That is why they invented and created the Reincarnation Cycle to force us to go into a new life on Earth without possibilities to escape. The Reincarnation Cycle is a trap and during all this thousands of years very few souls were able to escape from this never ending cycle and return to Higher Self. We were forced to come back life after life after life to life in endless misery and suffering. And so producing the negative energies and vibrations that the evil forces needed to survive from. Why our Higher Selves could not prevent this from happening, is because the Reptilians created a veil that exist from a technology that contains very low frequencies over the planet, which we call the Matrix. This is an energetic prison from very low frequencies which keep you disconnected from your Higher Self.

They recycle your soul by Wes Penre
You tube film made by Ankaraman

WE ARE ALL TOTALLY DISCONNECTED from HIGHER SELF at the moment,  but we can restore that Connection. 

Of course they manipulated and indoctrinated us and told us that reincarnation was good for us.  They pretended that they were our gods, because it was them that had re-created us. They told us that the Reincarnation Cycle contained important lessons for us and that we finally could return to UNITE with HIGHEr SELF. But the Truth is, is that the Reincarnation cycle is only good for them. We were forced to believe this cycle was for us as a learning process, but this is far from the Truth. 
And so it were the Reptilians/Annunaki that created the Karmic Energy Body so that we were for always bound to our past lives, our karma, our ancestors and our endless debts to pay. It is the Karmic Body that keeps us in the prison of the 3 rd dimensional reality with no way to escape. After the Removal of The karmic Body your spirit can Return to Higher Self without being trapped in the Reincarnation Cycle again. It is your ultimate freedom. I have a seen so many beautiful signs from this during the treatments that I gave. I was able to feel the gratitude from a person’s soul, the relief for being finally free.

How do we remove the Karmic Body?
The Karmic Body is kept in place by seven very dark attachments that are energetically connected with Enki's Super Computer. We remove this seven demonic energies by spitting them out. This is a very ancient shamanic practice that we have learned from shamans in South America. This is healing method mainly used in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia to liberate people from demons in general. We, the healers of the Awakening, have been trained in this technique for many years by different shamans from these countries. It is one of the most effective ways to liberate people from demonic attachments.

After the liberation of the Karmic Body more energy from Higher Self can enter your energy system. For many people it is the first time in eons that they can connect again with this Higher Self,  since there energy-system have been completed shut off from these frequencies by the layers of  darkness from the Karmic Body. Tremendous healing is the result of this. Many blocks are gone and most people start to feel much Lighter and Brighter. After the Liberation it takes two till six weeks for the energy system to fully adapt to this new state of being. This all depends from your age and your physical and energetic condition. By liberating people in this way we can also see of somebody is an old soul who had many lives on this planet or that somebody is a younger soul.

Are you completely and fully liberated after Karmic Body Removal?
After you die the answer is Yes, before you die the answer is No.
As long as are bodies are existing in the Matrix, it is not possible to become fully liberated. But through Karmic Body Removal and being aligned with Higher Self, you can escape.

Karmic Body Removal Explanation

Karmic Body Removal Demonstration

How to exit the reincarnation system

Hier nog toevoegen; Wes Penre  Do not enter the tunnel of Light