We can help you to escape from your emotional and mental prison



We are living in a programmed reality. Everything that we experience from birth to death and even after death is part of an artificial creation. In the following chapters I will give you many examples for this statement. 

 So what is behind these veils of constructed reality, one might ask? To put it in succinct terms, what lies behind our social and energetic conditioning is this: “That our society is the product of extraterrestrial  (artificial)  influences which moves and breathes — and even breeds — beneath the surface of all of human history.  

We are living in a virtual reality that is designed for us by dark E.T.’s like the Annunaki/ the Syrians the Reptilians and the Grays. In our work we are influenced by David Icke, Wes Penre, Robert Monroe, Val Valerian, Robert Morningsky, Zecharia Sitchin, the Nag Hammadi texts, Carlos Castaneda and many others.  
The bottom line of all these stories is that the we are originally Infinite Beings that are imprisoned in a programmed reality. A trauma based mind control reality where our energies are drained by experiencing negative emotions.  The negativity that 8 billion people on the planet are generating through war, hunger, poverty, sexual, physical or mental abuse is a very powerful source of energy that is used to feed the hologram of the Matrix. It is a virtual reality to wants to keep  us imprisoned and enslaved forever.  Not only your current life, but also the afterlife is part of this false reality program. That is called the reincarnation cycle and also this is a soul trap as well. Read the chapter Karmic Body Removal. The only way to escape from this artificial creation is by removing all the blocks that are between you and your Higher Self, so that you can establish a permanent connection with your Higher Self which exists outside of the Matrix. Read the chapter Higher Self.

Since the year 2000 we (my co-healer Barbara and I)  have been trained as  healers and a shamans. Many different teachers from South America, India and Africa have been part of our training. After years of training and very powerful initiations we are able now to see beyond the veils of our constructed reality. We are able to see all different kinds of energies in your energy-system and how to heal or better say remove the energies that are not beneficent for you. 

In the last years we have developed several healing methods which are totally unique and we have gained deep knowledge and understanding about the reality we live in. Everything you experience is programmed into your computer. And this programming is exists on many levels and layers which can be removed.  On this website you can read  how we developed and practice our ways of energy healing: as entity removal, karmic body removal, blueprint and chakra removal, removal of black magic. We do that in a traditional shamanic way by sucking out and spitting out the negative  energies. 

The permanent Connection with Higher Self that we offer by removing your emotional and mental prison is the most important part of our work. 

To remember who we are we have to reprogram our computer-system and make a full Connection with Higher Self which exists outside the Matrix. Once your connection with Higher Self is established you can start working with the Commands of Higher Self which are a very important part of the training that we give. And because the frequency from your Higher Self is much more powerful than the frequency from the Matrix and its Controllers, the Commands from Higher Self have to be obeyed by them.  One of the best You Tube films that David Icke made recently  is a must  for everybody that wants to understand the full context of the programming from the Matrix.

David Icke explains Who created the Matrix



The only thing that is real is that we are Infinite Beings that are captured in a human body and are being recycled again and again, life after life. Yes, it is scary, it is spooky and it is designed with a cruelty that is beyond all imagination. Although the God that we know from the religions is a concept of False Light, as Infinite Beings we are an aspect of Source.

 In the last years we have seen that in the energy-system of every human being there exist some portals through which the Matrix is feeding of your negative energy. These portals are the Chakra System.

The pineal gland and the pituitary gland are also major implants through which we are programmed. The pineal gland has the shape of a pine-cone and on every leave of the pine-cone exist a tiny crystal. As you all know crystals are very easy to program and that is why they are used so much in our modern computer technologies. Same with our pineal gland. Every negative emotion or thought pattern is programmed through the pineal gland. But it even goes further, even every disease is a program which we perceive as a machine in your energy system that can be switched off. 

We offer different methods in our healing work where we eliminate these implants by a treatment Karmic Body Removal and later also the Blueprint and Chakra system can be removed. Read more in the different chapters about these methods.

Please view my you tube film:

Higher Self and the Matrix   How to return to the 96%