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How to Connect with Higher Self?

We are inside the Matrix; Higher Self is outside the Matrix. Higher Self operates a vehicle within the Matrix which is you in the physical body right now.  The Higher Self is the remote control and the physical 3 D self is your soul/body complex within the Matrix. Your Higher Self exactly knows how to operate and manage you, but within the Matrix there are many obstacles to really connect with your Higher Self.

The Higher Self of another being can fake your remote-control signal and thus misguide and cheat your vehicle within this Matrix. In our Universe, the different Higher Selves have different vehicles and sometimes hack each other’s vehicles. This has happened on a massive scale with us, human beings on Planet Earth. Our vehicles, avatars or physical bodies has been hacked by other more advanced beings (Annunaki, Reptilians, Greys) and that is why we lost the Connection with Higher Self.

And that is why the planet and all life on it is in the current state of misery, because these beings are serving an evil agenda and live from war, anger, fear, suffering, sickness, poverty, sexual abuse and traumas and forth and so on.

Another problem related to that is the low battery of your physical body complex. This happens when someone has hacked you and use your vital energy. So, you are not fine until the battery is recharged by being connected with Higher Self again. And finally, you can make a right choice, connection is set up and you do everything perfectly like it was intended to be done.

In our New Frequency Ceremonies and individual treatments we Connect you with your Higher Self by removing all energies that are blocking your from your Higher Self.  And learn you how to work with the Commands of Higher Self, so you can be in control of your own life and destiny. How we do that you can see on my You Tube channel Hannah Klautz

We also recommend the treatment of Karmic Body Removal and Blueprint Removal  so you can stay connected with Higher Self in daily life. Karmic Body Removal is very important, because the signal or the voice of your Higher Self becomes stronger when we get rid of the drudgery of emotional and mental dramas and restrictions. The signal is lower when we do hate or love someone or something too much or when we are getting involved too much into false mental constructions.

False mental constructions originate from false information within the Matrix through religions, education, business and science. The signal is better when we are as neutral as possible. We experience ups and downs, but eventually we learn to see things as they are. We as physical bodies just have to learn to keep signal from our Higher Self as powerful as it could be.

In our ceremonies and individual treatments we give you advice and teachings how to work with Higher Self and stay connected in daily life. Do not allow anybody or any belief system (like religions) to interrupt your connection to remote control which is outside the Matrix in the hands of Your Higher Self. If you understand this, then you are ready for our ceremonies. We look forward to meet you.

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