We can help you to escape from your emotional and mental prison

Healing Retreats

Our New Frequency Ceremonies are in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam where you can easily visit us for a weekend. In February and March 2019 we are offering different healing retreats with and without the plant medicine ayahuasca in The Gambia (West Africa). You can visit us there for new frequency healing ceremonies in nature and at beach side.

We encourage you to book flight and hotel by yourself for a week or ten days and visit us there in our center. Dates according to your wishes. We are quite flexible in dates, and ask European prices for the ceremony and treatments,same as in Amsterdam.

Starting with 250 Euro for a full Ceremony and Karmic Body Removal treatment and full connection with Higher Self which is the first step on your liberation journey.

just inform about possibilities. 

We can also help you and guide you along this beautiful African paradise with lots of sunshine so you can forget about the winter cold.

Email me for more info h.klautz@gmail.com