We can help you to escape from your emotional and mental prison


Humanity lives in a virtual reality, also known as the Matrix. This is an energetic system that keeps the Lower Self imprisoned in the third dimension. This prison consists of your personal Matrix and a collective Matrix embedded with contracts to experience separation, duality, poverty, suffering and so on. Through this energetic cage we are cut off from the Higher Self, which is the True Self. In essence, we are Immortal Spiritual Beings that are completely free. At present, a part of us, the Lower Self, is trapped in a human body and in the manipulated energy system full of implants and artificial devices, like the Karmic Body and the underlying blueprint. 
It is clear to us that we started voluntary to play this game of Separation and Duality, but it went off track. And too many people/souls are stuck in this game at the moment. I am sharing this information to help you to find the Exit to this Game.

 An ancient Hindu myth says that human consciousness had begun as a ripple that decided to leave the Infinite Ocean of Consciousness the “timeless, spaceless and eternal.” When it awakened to itself in this “disconnected” state, the myth said , it forgot that it was part of the Infinite Ocean and felt isolated and separated. This is what we call the Game of Separation.

 Our entire Universe is a manifestation of the Separation Game. It is like a huge multi-stage set where the Separation Game is playing out on many worlds and on many levels. Most planets of our galaxy are under the spell of this game and one of the planets where the Separation Game is at the lowest level is our very own planet Earth. (1) 

Many of us became involved into this  Game of Separation. We are Immortal Spiritual Beings that are in existence for millions of years. 
What kept them so long in this Game??? 
According to our information, we started the Game voluntarily, but it went off track when several alien races arrived on planet Earth and made things a bit more tough. To say the least. By being completely identified with the Lower Self ,we were vulnerable and easily tricked into agendas from some advanced alien races, who exists much longer in the Universe and are also stuck in Separation and Duality. I do not want to call them evil any longer, since perceiving things as good or evil, is part of duality. From the point of Oneness everything has its place and function, but for sure it were the Annunaki and Reptilian races that made our Game very dense. 


Anyway, with the arrival from the Annunaki/ Reptilians  the Game went off track.  In order to prevent mankind from discovering and restoring its connection with the Higher Self, Enki (pretending to be father God) and his son Marduk (worshipped as  the Sun God Ra in Egypt) created the Game of DUALITY. They invented this game to capture human souls in an illusion and made us choose between light and dark, good and evil, love and hate, peace and war. In order to capture the widest possible spectrum of souls, Enki and Marduk and their associates (Annunaki, Reptilians, Greys) divided the Game into two seemingly opposing teams:  Dark vs (False) Light.


  I refer here to Cameron Day (3): “Planet Earth and much of our corner of the universe has been under a spell for a very long time, a spell which casts doubt within our minds about whether or not we are connected with the Infinite Source of all creation. The spell causes us to feel alone, vulnerable and isolated – cast out from the Heavenly Realms into a cruel, dog-eat-dog world.  This spell is pure fiction, a deception of the highest order, but it has taken hold deeply on this and other worlds .

Intrinsic within this holographic spell is the notion that duality and polarity are natural aspects of life, and that we must serve one side of duality or the other. This elegantly simple binary imprint has become so prominent that we have lost sight of the larger holographic spell that spawned it.  Indeed, we have lost sight of the hologram all together, and come to believe that it is the sum total of reality. Not everyone can be a saint, so there must be room for sinners as long as everyone involved is under its spell. Humans have been conditioned to worship the holographic deception and the agents that perpetuate it.  This hologram has been called Maya by the Hindus, and the Gnostics referred to it as the Demiurge ( the false God) . I find this term a highly accurate description, and from the point forward I will refer to it as the Demiurge. 

What matters most to the Demiurge is that we worship it or one of its agents, regardless if they are on the light team or the dark team. There are many names of the players within this cosmic, multi-dimensional drama that you will have no doubt heard of such as:  Lucifer, Jehova, Beelzebub, Arch Angel Michael, Satan (different dude than Lucifer), Jesus Christ, Ashtar, dozens of Arch angels, supposedly ascended “masters” and various other channeled entities. While some of these beings play for team dark, and some play for team (false) light, they are ALL ultimately playing for the Demiurge that controls them. This, in essence, is the big secret:  There are not just the “evil, demonic beings” but also those who pretend to be angels, saviors and ascended masters are as well instruments to keep you away from your essence, the Higher Self .”


So far, the explanation from Cameron Day, which I find very valuable. We have seen that the main polarities that have been created within the Duality are those between Satan and Christ and Archangel Michael and Archangel Lucifer. In the end it does not make any difference who’s side you choose (False Light or Darkness) , you are still under the spell of the Duality Game controlled by the Demiurge. There is only ONE energy that rises above all this and that is the Light of the Higher Self connected to the Source where everything vibrates in an ecstatic love energy and there is no light or dark, good or evil, peace and war. As long as you live inside the Game of Duality and you are through contracts restricted to it (see section 2 of this article), you cannot really get in contact with the Higher Self.

What is the purpose of this game of DUALITY?

The duality was created so that negative alien beings like Annunaki (also called Archonts in gnostic texts)  Draco Reptilians, Greys (who are part of Separation and Duality as well) could draw endless energy from us through the battle between light and dark, good and evil. As long as there is a battle, energy is extracted from human energy systems. And it does not matter where you give your energy to. Whether you worship Satan or Jesus Christ, Lucifer or Michael, Shiva or Vishnu, as long as you give energy to one of these two forces, you are energetically emptied. We have seen that very clearly. As long as you continue to give energy to forces / entities outside of yourself (whether it's from the good or the bad team ) you are not in contact with your own Higher Self. And that's exactly what this whole game is about. Make it as difficult as possible for human beings to restore the contact with their own Higher Selves and put as many barriers as possible in the form of religions and cultures and sects so that they never find out that they are actually Creators themselves. Once they have understand the Game and are able to finish it, they can create their own reality and they become free from the Duality Game and free from the Matrix. At the time the Higher Self can enter the physical body, the Separation has come to an end. You are completely free and then you are out of the Game.

 We have also seen that if you want to work with Light, you must always ask for the Light of the Higher Self. If you only work with "the Light," always first comes the False Light as part of the Duality Illusion. Of course I myself  (Hannah) have worked for many years with False Light and I have been completely stuck in the Game of Duality. We could only find the Truth through our own experiences and now share it with you. But all those experiences and insights started after we have been liberated from the Karmic Body. In the spring of 2016 we received information about this healing method and since then we have developed a very comprehensive method of liberation which we call Removal of the Karmic Body


The first and most important step of allowing the Higher Self to enter into the physical body is the Removal of the Karmic Body and Removal of The blueprint. The presence of both of these energy grids blocks the entire energy system. (See the chapters on this website)

 After that, the connection with the Higher Self can be achieved gradually. And that's a process that takes place step by step and new insights and discoveries can pour in. With every step we came a bit further, but the most important is that you can leave all your previous beliefs behind you. What was true for us two years ago is now not true anymore. And of course it was hard for me swallow all this new understanding while I have been working in my ceremonies with AE Michael, and Christ an angels. But we discovered that everything that does not directly connect you with your Higher Self is False Light of Duality. As long as you need a guru, a master, an angel, a savior or a god  to worship and give power to, you are aligned to False Light. Instead you need to focus only on the connection with your own Higher Self and your own Creativity, the ability to create your own reality. 

I also understand that what I say here in this article can a huge shock for many people, and that is due to the enormous influence that religion and belief have on us, indoctrinated upon us since early childhood. But that's all part of the MIND CONTROL. Everything around religion is based on FAITH AND BELIEF, because no one is SURE!!!


We also have seen that the reincarnation cycle is part of this matrix prison and the separation/duality  game. When Enki, Marduk and their consorts had finally  enslaved us, they did not want us to unite with our Eternal Selves or Higher Selves after the death of the body. Thus, a very ingenious plan was designed to re-incarnate the souls in a subsequent life. All this under the impression that we learn a lot of all those lives and eventually return to the SOURCE, something that actually never happens .The so-called Tunnel of Light, which many deceased people see after their death and go there without hesitation, is a Tunnel of False Light. Once you get into it, you're totally lost and your reincarnation begins. However, because there is still some free will after you die, you can refuse to go there. Go with your back to the Tunnel of False Light, do not look into it and say that you only go there where Higher Immortal Self wants to bring you.. Removal of the Karmic Body can also contribute enormously to escape from this recycling process .


 According to our information only people that are ready make a quantum leap in their consciousness can be liberated now and in the near future. These are the ones who are able to understand what I am all sharing here. The old souls that are in the game for thousands of years are the first ones to be liberated. These are the people with very heavy and dense Karmic Bodies. They went through every aspect of the Game. They have lived lives in Mu and Lemuria and were priests en priestesses in Atlantis. This continent disappeared because of a battle between light and dark and the Duality started already there. 

A few thousand years later the souls who inhibited Atlantis have been made to slaves from the Annunaki in Egypt where they were used as guards for the temples and pyramids from the “Sungod” Ra, (who was in reality Anu, the chief from the Annunaki). The terror on the local population with guns and even nuclear power that was manifested on Earth by the alien “Sun God” Ra is shown very accurate in the film “Stargate 1994” . Later these souls  have lived in the Roman Empire and experienced in the Dark Middle Ages numerous lives in misery, sickness and poverty.  I am mentioning this here, because these are the  experiences from the majority of our clients and they all have similar energetic trauma’s, issues and imprints. They went through all experiences which origins in Separation and Duality and now they are ready to leave the Game.


The idea of the existence of a Divine Spark is very ancient and I refer here to the central idea of Gnosticicsm: “ The idea of the presence in man of a divine spark….., which has proceeded from the divine world and has fallen into this world of destiny, birth and death and which must be reawakened through its own divine counterpart in order to be finally restored. The central myth in Gnostsicism is about the recovering from the divine spark often designated as pneuma or spirit.

This article contains a very short explanation of the Separation and Duality Game. There is much more to learn and discover and me (Hannah) and my co-healers Andis and Barbara have gained a lot of knowledge an understanding in the last years. I hope we are able to liberate you from the Karmic Body and blueprint and guide you through the delete-process in our  healing ceremonies where we focus mainly on restoring the connection with the Higher Self.  I hope that you find the inspiration and guidance from the Eternal Spiritual Self to continue with his process. 

How we became free from Duality ourselves

On  April 18, 2016 I drank the plant medicine ayahuasca with my assistant Barbara, who is also a good healer. We did this regularly to prepare ourselves for the group of ceremonies I give to Amsterdam every 2 weeks. Well  in April 2017 we drank ayahuasca and I said to Barbara: "Now, I'll see if we can finish our contract to experience duality." I stood before my altar and I said, "I  Command from my Higher Self to finish all the contracts that I have with the duality. "After a few moments, a hard scream came out of me and a huge demonic energy came out that I perceived as a white snake and then poured out. Barbara and I are really used to it, but we were pretty upset. It was quite powerful. After I recovered, I said again: " I command from my Higher Self to finish all contracts that I have with duality." And again a huge scream and now I spit a demonic energy in the form of a black snake. We then thought it was ready, because yes, duality consists of white and black. But in one way or another, I felt very strongly that I had to say it again and then I spat out a poison-green snake to my big surprise.

 Duality therefore does not exits from two but from three forces. 

The light (is the white snake), the dark (is the black snake) and there is a third force that constantly draws energy from the struggle between those two forces and then supplies this energy to alien beings (the poisonous snake). Then I saw that this is what the so-called Holy Trinity constitutes: the father (the light), the mother (the dark) and the child (the son) who derive benefit from the two. But there exists no Holy Trinity in the universe at all. There exist only Your Own Source, the Higher Self. The holy trinity is a creation of Duality and it is therefore not surprising that the sacred number of all Annunaki, Reptilians and other aliens is the number 3. And that's what forms  the basis of Duality. We, as Immortal Spiritual Beings, should vibrate on the number 1

After this energetic surgery I felt the Higher Self fully merging with my human body. And that is a wonderful and very new experience and I hope to instruct and guide my brothers and sisters how to Remove the Karmic Body and how to delete these contracts. At last you need  to forgive all the energies which were are a part of Duality. As it becomes desirable for you to Awaken and raise yourself up to higher densities of consciousness and, eventually, leave this reality all together, so it is equally desirable for the Matrix ( or Veil) to slowly become transparent. Over time it will just get thinner and thinner until you will simply see right true it.