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False White Light

Many of us, spiritual seekers, are at one point or another misguided by what we call False Light.The best example is our own story. We and all of my co-healers have been misguided by False Light a very long time of our life.
 Many years we have believed  strongly in religion, in new age spirituality, angels, ascended master, guru's, guides and of course in Jesus Christ, the redeemer

As this website is still under construction I have to add some more info here what we all have experienced how we have been deceived. It is not easy to let go of all of these beliefs, like most of you we had some very strong beliefs,  which in the end is just another mind control system from the Matrix.  Read the chapters Free from Duality and The Virus of Religions.

You can also watch the following youtube film from Tony Sayers with whom we share many of the same thoughts. His views are very to the point and down to Earth. You can visit his website;

The New Age Deception

Another great article Why I am no longer a Lightworker is from Cameron Day, one of the writers on the website:  www.in5d.com  
Years ago when I read the article for the first time I found it very shocking, but soon after I started to recognize False Light as well.  
Why I am no longer a Lightworker   (click on the article to open it)

And here is my own You Tube film Why you need to stop with meditation