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 Entity Removal and Black Magic Removal

As you can read through the whole website we are specialized in entity removal and removal from black magic as well.  Black magic exits very heavily in non-European cultures and it is practiced in so many forms and so many ways. in the past years we have treated many people with origins from Suriname, Turkey,  Indonesia, South America and Africa which were heavily polluted by black magic. Mostly they were not aware of that, but many of their complaints originated in black magic from their own life or their ancestors lives. Black magic is very easily past on from generation to generation and many innocent people are born with it today, because their ancestors practiced black magic on each other. 

50 % of our clients are coming for black magic removal since this is so commonly used against each other in most parts of the world.

To get rid of black magic we always recommend Karmic Body Removal to be liberated from ancestor influences and past life influences. After this treatment  we then delete for them all their contracts with black magic. Deleting contracts is also a very important part of our work and you can read more about that in the chapter Deleting Soul Contracts. You also have to do this yourself as well
Blueprint Removal together with Chakra Removal is also very important to stay protected from future attacks from black magic. Since the chakras are energetic portals through which Black Magic can enter your energy system.  

Also read  David Icke   Demonic entities run the world behind their human puppets

and Rudolf Steiner describes the hostile spiritual beings who feed off your fear and anxiety

and this Psychic Vampires and the use of etheric energy

And watch my you tube film how we treat a woman who became psychotic from black magic: