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Deleting Soul Contracts

Once it became clear to us what a very dark game from separation and duality was played with humanity ( see the chapter Free from Duality, we learned that we were connected to this game through all kinds of different energetic contracts. And that those contracts can be deleted, both for us individually and also for all humanity. How such a contract is established is not entirely clear, but apparently we as Immortal Spiritual Beings have volunteered in a number of experiments, a very long time ago. Experiments from which we absolutely could not oversee the consequences and through which we are still being held captive in the Separation Game. We have seen that once get in contact with a certain energy  you get stuck with a contract. It does not matter if you are aware of that contract. It does not matter if you were drawn into it with false pretenses. You have cooperated or agreed in one way or another and then you are bound to a contract. . And humanity is currently caught in endless contracts. As soon as you or your government (as the public representative) agree with something, a contract exists. And all those contracts together form your personal Matrix prison and also the collective Matrix prison.

We have seen that we ALL have a contract to experience duality, to experience poverty, war, hunger, illnesses, suffering and so on.  How is that possible????
 We have some knowledge about how it this all works. We have contracts with all those negative aliens because they have stood at the cradle of our creation. And we have apparently agreed to their proposal to adopt a body that they have created. In that time we saw it as an interesting Game, a new and exciting experience. And of course in the beginning it also it was like that.
I mean it is very exciting to have a physical body, so that you can touch, feel and experience physical matter. We were not prepared for the idea that we would become enslaved for a very long time.. So we agreed with the experiment and now we have a contract with Archonts, with Anu (the Anunaki King) , with Enki and his son Marduk (who was also the Egyptian Sun God Ra)  , Enki and Ninkursagh (who are the Annunaki scientists that actually created Adam and Eve) with the Greys and even with Satan. 

 But there are many more contracts that shape your Matrix prison. Humanity has a contract with poverty because we allow the existence of a fully corrupt banking system, which means that 1% of humanity has everything and 99% nothing. As long as we allow this and do not take any actions against it, we have a contract with poverty and with the Rothschild family who created this banking system. 

As long as we allow weapons to be produced on this planet, we have a contract with war. And it does not matter if you personally allowed to it yourself, or that it's only the leaders (or governments) that agreed with it. The moment that you are born as a human being in such a system, you are bound to those contracts. And I can continue with this for a while.

 As long as we allow medical science to only have knowledge of the human physical body, but to  have no understanding at all about the human energy system, there will be contracts to experience diseases. All diseases origins in the energy system and are then converted to the human body. As long as we allow our doctors to know nothing about the energy-system and not even believe in the existence of an energy-system, diseases like, cancer, rheumatism, cardiovascular disease, aging and dementia will never be eliminated. 

 The good news is that we are living in a virtual reality and that we ALL are nothing else than computer-programs in that system. And for computer programs there exists a delete-button. So we can use the delete button and we have to use that thoroughly to delete all these contracts. And this what me, and my co-healers have done in the past few months. Almost every day we have deleted a couple of contracts. Anyway, we have come quite far. We have deleted most of the contracts and stripped two major implants and then our Higher Eternal Self can be most of the time present in the body. That actually could only happen after Karmic Body Removal, Blueprint and Chakra Removal.


After Karmic Body Removal you need to start working with the Commands from Higher Self to finish your energetic contracts.