We can help you to escape from your emotional and mental prison

My name is Hannah Klautz 

I am a Dutch woman living in Amsterdam and partly in the Gambia. (Since I am not a native speaker, my English has some flaws).  I have been trained as an ayahuasca-healer and shaman by the Shuar tribe from Ecuador. Since a few years I am not so much into ayahuasca healing anymore (as many deceptions are also there) and focus more on our ways of energy healing to restore in people a permanent connection with their Higher Self while being in the physical body. I am doing this together with Barbara Lastarda.  We are specialized in entity removal (and so far we have seen that all human beings and also all animals have them) and black magic removal. see also my website www.ayahuasca-healing.info

and please view my you tube films on my channel Hannah Klautz

We also offer photo-readings where we can scan your energy system and see where the blocks, traumas and negative energy attachments are located. The price of a photo reading is 50 Euro (inc.VAT),but when you sign up for a ceremony it is for free. You just have to include a photo of yourself into the mail. We can also give advice and coaching through Skype. 

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