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Like most people in the so-called new age I have worked a long time on the 7 chakras while giving healings. As we have learned from some Indian and Vedic traditions system the chakras occupy a very important place. There are 7 main chakras (and 6 'cosmic' chakras above) and a number of smaller chakras on all fours. I have been trained as a pranic healer and for years I have been giving healings with people through the chakra system, both with and without ayahuasca healings.   People felt much better after the treatments, came back, took friends, family and acquaintances. Anyway, I had lots of clients, so yes, I thought I was doing well. Until we (Andis, Barbara and I) discovered the method of Karmic Body Removal in March 2016 and that is still the most important breakthrough in our work. See my chapter on Karmic Body removal. 

Soon after we had removed our Karmic Body, we began to experience that the chakras did not have such a positive effect on us at all. We noticed that especially during the ceremonies, where we began to notice more and more that negative energy from the participants mainly through the chakras came to us. Mmmmm, that had to sink in.  But anyway, we have an open mind, and everything we first saw as positive can also be interpreted differently. And soon we started to experience the chakras as disturbing. We started to read about it on the Internet and we found out that there were more people who did not experience the chakras as positive, but actually as a kind of portals through which the Matrix Controllers parasitize on your energy. We heard about chakra removal, but how do you do that?

Okay, we started quite clumsy, I have to admit it, because there have been 2 ceremonies in 2016, where we have covered our chakras with silver foil. We were looking for something to shut down the chakras from the amount of negative energy that came through. And then you go to experiment a bit. Anyway, you don’t do that more than twice with silver foil, because that was very impractical. And after all, the result was not that great. Then we started looking for ways to energetically close the chakras. That worked reasonably well and after that we gave people a Karmic Body Removal treatment and then closed the 7 main chakras. We did not remove them, because we were not capable to do that. We did try to remove them many times, them but we noticed that we did not succeed.  

Anyway, only In January 2018 we received all the information about the blueprint removal and when the blueprint is removed, we also pull the whole chakra system from top to bottom at once through the root chakra, which is actually a kind of snake tail. The entire chakra system is artificial, they are portals that drain you energetically and you can easily do without. In fact, without these portals you can stay in much better contact with the Higher Self without loosing energy to other people or the Matrix Control System.  

We currently see a lot of you tube videos of people who say they have removed their chakras. But as long as you have a Karmic Body and still have a Blueprint, the chakras can’t be removed. And because we can also view people’s energy system through photos or films, we have seen that their chakras are not removed.   The right order to do is; first Karmic Body Removal (and that has to integrate for 6 weeks) then Blueprint Removal and during that treatment the chakras can be removed from the system with a firm pull. And no, we did not die after that. That is an argument that I have heard a number of times. That people are afraid to die after a chakra removal. It is also important to realize that everything that really belongs to your essence can not be removed. The chakra system is completely artificial and is placed in us to drain you energetically.  

Why do we not know the truth about the chakra-system and how is possible that so many of us are misled? How is it possible that all kinds of healing techniques have been developed, mostly based on Indian and Vedic traditions, all based on that "oh so important" chakra system. Because they did not know better either. Not even 4000 years ago. Again, the Matrix has existed for more than 26,000 years and all information that has been in the Matrix from that moment on has been manipulated and is mostly pure deceit.  

Man, if I think back to it. I have done all kinds of chakra exercises for years.  For example: the kundalini chakra mediation of Sri Amma Bagavan from the Oneness movement from India. I spent at least an hour a day doing that and I did it for years. I was faithfully chanting the chakras to cleanse them every day. And also, in my ceremonies, I always played music from Chanting the chakras and the Moola mantra, one mantra after the other. It was all so holy and so sacred an I have believed in this  for so long. And I have also really seen good results of my former chakra healings, because yes, they also let you believe that. And I am sure that there has been a positive effect, otherwise no one would believe or do it anymore. After a chakra healing everyone feels great, but unfortunately that effect is gone after 3 or 4 weeks. And then we start looking for the next healing, workshop, ceremony, aura chakra meditation, there is plenty of choice nowadays in The New Cage.  

And when you ffinally find out how it all really works, then you feel 1) heavily cheated and 2) heavily relieved when the chakras are gone. Then you really start to notice, what kind of jammers these things actually are and that the Matrix parasites through the chakra-system on humanity. They are not going to tell you what they are really doing, there are huge spiritual smokescreens and the New Cage accepts everything that is being chewed for them. Well, I do not blame anyone. Been there, done that .........  

But it is time to wake up and see that the Matrix Control system is not only physically governing on this planet, but especially energetically. The entire energy system is artificial, it is a large virtual program in which everything is artificially controlled. Like the so much prized third eye chakra. The pineal gland! All kinds of mythical qualities are also attributed to this. In reality it is a very large implant that generates all your negative emotions. And not only that. All diseases and I mean literally all diseases: from flu to cancer, from malaria to autism or psychosis are artificial and created by what we call machines in your energy system. And by Removing first the Karmic Body and then the Blueprint it is possible to switch off all these machines yourself. Anyway, more about that in the other chapters.