We can help you to escape from your emotional and mental prison

Blue Print Removal & Chakra Removal

With BLUEPRINT Removal we remove the deepest layer that keeps you imprisoned. It is specially very important for people with all kind of serious diseases, but it takes 6 months to completely integrate.  I am talking here about autism, depression, bi-polar disorder, psychosis, but also for M.S. and other genetic diseases and disorders.When we remove the Blue Print we see it as removing a computer program. The Blue Print is nothing more than that, it is artificial but it feels very real and can cause tremendous suffering through all kinds of disorders and dysfunctional behavior.

The Removal itself is for us lighter to perform than Karmic Body Removal, because no demonic attachments are involved here. It just like removing a design. A design created for you by birth so that your life will evolve in ways the Matrix want you to exist. And that is mostly not beneficial for you. With pain, suffering and sickness put into the program/blueprint, meeting you at some point of your life journey. After blueprint Removal you need to do daily Commands from Higher Self to switch off the machines that are causing your complaints.  For example: 

On (date)  I command from my Higher Self to switch off all the machines that causes fear, depression, anger, sadness and post traumatic stress diorder.

On (date)  I command from my Higher Self to switch off all the machines that causes stress, burn out, suicide, poverty, cancer and influenza.

On (date) I command from my Higher Self to switch of all the machines from:
bi-polar disorder, dementia, stomach ulcer, panic attacks, addictions, multiple sclerose  (or anything else that is part of you)

Also feeling insecure, feeling not good enough, jealousy, self-pity, autism, schizophrenia, dementia are all caused by programs c.q. machines.  Post traumatic stress disorder is what we all have, since we are as a species very traumatized by Controllers of Matrix.

This way you can continue to switch off the machines that are bothering you. Please keep in mind that also all diseases are caused by machines (programs)

As far as addictions are concerned, you should name them separately: to switch off the machine alcohol addiction, machine addiction, addiction, food addiction, sex addiction, game addiction, etc.

Chakra Removal

Barbara could see how the Blueprint is created like a box around the energy-system and when she removes it she see literally cables and plugs and over the whole back, belly, hand and feet.
in this way she can also unplug the chakras, they just plop off, very easily. As we are already saying long time, also the chakra system is false and artificial. We have done a lot of Chakra Removal in the past, which was a very tough work.That why we have quit with it for a while, but now with Blue Print Removal it goes fast and easy. See the chapter about Chakra Removal

After Blueprint Removal which needs 6 months to fully manifest in physical body in becomes easier to BE in the NOW. To be connected with Higher Self, to be free from disturbing influences and alternative realities.

The first layer that needs to be removed is the Karmic Body. This takes 6 weeks to become integrated in the physical body. There is always a certain time needed between the healing of the energy system and the manifestation in the physical body. The negative energies that have drained you for so long has left an effect on your organs, body-cells and blood. After the removal and deleting of these energies in the energy system it takes minimum 6 weeks to manifest in the physical body. This also has to do with the process of cell renewal that occurs in your body. In many cases you can only fully recover after renewal of the cells. 

Removal of the Karmic Body is the most heavy part of the treatments. The Karmic Body has the shape of a snake,this is the way it how it is designed around the energy system. Through this design you can see who the Creators are behind the Karmic Body. Archons and Reptilians/Greys.
The same with the Blue Print. It a computer program, but is is less invasive to delete than the Karmic Body. The Karmic Body is 
very dense and heavy and full with demons and other alien attachments.

Therefore the Blue Print Removal is cheaper and is 200 Euro including the New Frequency Ceremony in Amsterdam or the Gambia. We have lots of knowledge to share and lots of very content customers.Please see the reviews.