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Ayahuasca - vine of the soul

Ayahuasca is a tea made of different plants that has been used for healing in the Amazon rainforest for thousands of years. It is a visionary tea because it produces visions. The indigenous people of the rainforest consider this tea as a sacred medicine and and they drink it for the purpose of healing and transformation. It gives strong purification of body, mind and soul, it reliefs pain and stress and it gives you the opportunity to learn and to experience other levels of consciousness. It also works as a natural mood-stabilizer and it is very effective in the areas of depression and addiction.

Ayahuasca is sublime, divine, special. It teaches respect for life and others. Ayahuasca connects you with your innerself,, with the higher self, with our soul. During visions, one can see one's life purpose. Using ayahuasca is a shamanic tradition that comes from the ancestors and has been passed down from generation to generation. Ayahuasca itself is a great shaman and a teacher, it will teach anyone who uses it. People can drink ayahuasca to gain knowledge about their vocations or professions. Even when ayahuasca doesn't produce visions immediately, it is still working on the body, and visions can appear in your dreams, even a month later. It's like a vitamin that keeps working with you. 

Today most illnesses are caused by spiritual problems, by stress or fear, or by overexposure to pollution and electromagnetic fields. Cancer, heart attacks or ulcers are usually caused by overloading the nerves. Sometimes when traumas are very serious- when a child is mistreated by parents, when a woman is violated many years by her husband, or when a person suffers a serious accident - very bad impressions are left on the neurons. All these impressions may sleep within our subconscious mind until something activates them. Than they can come back into our thoughts and that can affect many parts of the mind and body. We become sick, confused, crazy, addicted or depressed.

has the ability to cure and to give new life to the body, because it repairs our overloaded neurons. Other drugs contain chemical substances that invade and destroy the neurons, but ayahuasca protects and heals them. When ayahuasca begins to repair the neurons, it awakens the impressions which have been engraved on them. The neurons return these impressions in the form of visions, because the neurons of the body are connected to the iris of the eye. 

Everything we have experienced is engraved in our brains- the truth and the lies, the sweet and the bitter. Each of us has our demons and ayahuasca shows them to us so we can face them and heal them. Ayahuasca teaches us the truth about ourselves. By using it, we begin to recognize who we really are. We begin to see that our pain 
and our karma is not only ours, but is also connected with our ancestors and other people. 

Gradually, ayahuasca helps you to clean out your body and then you usually stop experiencing negativity. After the body is rid of toxins and the neurons are rid of negative imprints, then one begins to see the real beauty of the spiritual world

The use of the plant medicine ayahuasca is currently seen by many people as a miracle for solving all kinds of energetic problems, disease, trauma, depression, lack of vision. Ayahuasca has become a huge hype, and I am attracting many people that wants to drink ayahuasca with me. Nevertheless, we also notice the limitations when people are not treated simultaneously at the same time. Especially people who come to us for the first time, we see that almost everybody needs an energetic treatment to clean up the energy system.

For more information about our individual or group ceremonies with ayahuasca please read the chapter: New Frequency Ceremonies.