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Artificial Intelligence and its dangers

Are we living in a Alien Computer Simulation?

Many scientists today are leaving the materialism based theory that matter is the base of our Universe and start to discover that we are living in a virtual reality. 
It is all explained here in this great documentary:

We are locked in a ALIEN computer Simulation:

And more about The Simulation Hypothesis

Very interesting article in Scientific American with great insights and thoughts about the nature of our reality: Are we living in a computer simulation

 And this is a very dangerous opinion from space billionaire

Elon Musk; Humans must merge with machine or become irrelevant in AI age

A much better point of view is described by Wes Penre. We see a great deal of truth in the Wes Penre Papers and his You tube video's. There are 2 ebooks from him that are very interesting and you can download them for free:  Roadmap to the Singularity and Beyond

Wes Penre   Synthetic Super Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind
click on the link to read this 432 pages ebook for free

Stephen Hawkings warns: Arteficial Intelligence could end humankind


About chemtrails: 
The Controllers of the Matrix are being busy for years with so called chem trails. This works on geo-engineering and from airplanes they spray nano particles over humanity to make it possible to finally align them with A.I.  We have seen that all our clients already have nanorobots in their system but they are not yet active right now. Strangely enough we only see this in people from U.S and Europe. They do not chemtrail in Africa or Russia for example. And Putin is very much against this.

If you do no believe this, than please read the following articles which you can find to click on the link




On 9th of December 2018 Donald Trump said to start with making an end to the secret poisoning from the skies.  

Donald Trump Tours Chemtrail Plane - promises to terminate program.