We can help you to escape from your emotional and mental prison

Advanced Healing Hypnosis Therapy

We are also offering Advanced Healing Hypnosis Therapy for people that want to work deeper into the subconsciousness and Higher Self. We are deeply inspired by Dolores Cannon who is an authority in past life regressions and alien contact. She wrote more than 20 books about her work and sessions and she has developed her unique way Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. We have followed her classes and training, but we are taking her method to a next level.

 We only want to work with clients that have done Karmic Body Removal before and are in permanent connection with their own Higher Self. We require that because we see that the Karmic Body is a major block that disconnect you from Higher Self. We find it useless to work with people that still have a Karmic Body, since it is a arteficial energy system that keeps us in Matrix prison.  Once the Karmic Body is removed and the energies are cleared, it is possible to do very deep hypnosis sessions where you receive all the information direct from Higher Self.

Therefore it is very important that as well the therapist and the client are working only from Higher Self. 

We do not recommend a hypnosis therapy in general with a practitioner that still has a Karmic Body. Since the Karmic Body is so full with demonic attachments and alien possession  (and we see that in each and every person on the planet) a  practitioner that is not cleaned up it self can influence the hypnose session in a negative way, by polluting the client with their own demons and entities.  We are not saying this without reasons. We have seen photo's from people that are offering hypnosis therapy. We can scan their whole energy system and many of them are so coverd with dark attachments that we find it dangerous to go into deep hypnosis with a person that has not cleaned up their own stuff. Many of them are still stuck in Duality Consciousness, many of them are working with False light. 

How this this work?

We are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We ask you to come to one of our New Frequency Ceremony to remove your Karmic Body and Blueprint and to become in permanent Connection with Higher Self. ( in some cases we can remove Karmic Body and Blueprint through a photo).


You can than book a hypnose session through Skype or in person. In the sessions we work with time travelling to find past life memories on Earth or other planets. Many of these past lifes are the cause of current diseases and trauma's and together we work with Commands from Higer Self to clear that experience by a method that we call timeline shifting. By this you can bring your past experiences into a new timeline and a new frequency where healing can start to happen in a very fast way. 

Please send me a email for more information. h.klautz@gmail.com

We are also able to come to your country. If you have a group of people together that wants do do Karmic Body and Blueprint Removal we can organise a 2 day event in a weekend
Day 1: New Frequency Ceremony for Connection with Higher Self and removing Karmic Body and Blue print. Learning to work with Higher Self through the Commands

Day 2) Answers and questions and a group hypnose session direct from Higher Self with timeline shifting.
Price: 500 Euro p.p.