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A War about your Energy

 People who are still in coma and believe that everything we experience on earth is a kind of random event, where nobody really can do anything about it and that everything just happens is according to the will of God, just do not read on. Or maybe you better should read on. 

Because now we get to the point where it really is all about. All battles on the planet, all wars in any form, are all finally:  A WAR About ENERGY.
 What energy? Your energy. Your life energy that radiates from you as a physical body. Your life energy is a vibration, a frequency. And there are forces in our universe, we see them as creatures/beings (partly artificial) that feed on your life energy. They live in a vibration frequency that is just outside our field of the 5 senses.

You can’t hear, smell touch or see them, because they use a certain technology to not be visible for us. They made a grid that is around the Earth an energetic field which we perceive as a kind of prison and that we call THE MATRIX,  they are out of sight of the 5 senses.  Has that been done on purpose? Yes of course. Anyone who still believes that only that can exist, what they can see or perceive themselves, should WAKE UP NOW.  

Why do not we know all this?  Because the CONTROLLERS absolutely do not want to know you this.  Through Mind Control, Media, Science, Television, Education, Politics and Financial System, we are bombarded with a vision of existence here on Earth. That everyone thinks that this is the normal course of business here on the planet. We do not know anything better than this. And our parents, and grandparents and great grandparents also did not know any better. It is part of the human conditioning and the human existence has been characterized by suffering, poverty and war for thousands of year. So WE DO NOT KNOW ANY BETTER. 

But that there is a plan behind this creation and that there is an intention behind it, which is not working towards your happiness and well being, you definitely should not become aware of this. And again, there is very little here on Earth in 3D that promotes the thought that we are used and drained because of our life energy.

Today's human being has no idea how incredibly energetically polluted he/she is and what he/she is carrying in the energy system. These energetic obstructions are both from this life and from previous lives. And this brings us to the next point. All people have experienced a lot of previous lives full of suffering, struggle and war.  

We all have experienced hunger, diseases, extreme weather conditions, endless wars, fights and battles, imprisonment, slave labor, and in general very difficult physical living conditions.

Why do not we remember that?

Because our memory is erased at every new birth. Is that something positive? No. 
We believe that the reincarnation cycle is a soul trap and that human souls have been imprisoned in this cycle for thousands of years. We also believe the reincarnation cycle  is deliberately created and that it is not the will of GOD, but the will of a bunch of extraterrestrial rulers, from which the most important beings are the Annunaki, the Reptilians and the Greys. We see possession and attachments from them in the energy systems of every human being. For everybody so. And of course we have found it in our own energy systems too. And we have made tremendous efforts to get rid of this artificial reality and to become liberated from it. And this is what I want to share here.


Because we have twenty years of knowledge and experience with energy and out of body experience, with heavy shamanic training in Brazil and Ecuador, with healing work and the liberation and treatment form hundreds of people. The fact that we have so much experience makes us into an experts and we do not wish to be condemned by people who, by the way, did not even know they that they had an energy system until today. Let alone that their energy system is heavily polluted, manipulated and controlled by an very advanced form of technology, like programming and implants.  

We have treated hundreds of people and we have seen in all our clients that the human energy system is drained or emptied by creatures who are living from our energy, our life force.  Because most people do not have this quality to see into the human energy field and to them their energy system is invisible, what we say about this could at least be considered instead of condemned. Certainly, if you look the current situation of the world.  

Because do you really understand how it all is created? Why you are here and what happens to you after you die???? 
 Do you have such rock-solid beliefs that you cannot or do not want to let them go, because otherwise your whole world image, carefully composed by The Matrix, collapses. And then you will see everything in your life and here on Earth in a completely different perspective, which probably will initially create a lot of FEAR.
  That's not my intention, but inevitable. If it is really true that we are trapped in a system that deceives us from birth till dead. And uses us as slaves in a divided reality (Duality Game) to maintain an producer/consumer relation to keep us busy and distracted from the fact that we are energetically consumed by them. If that were really true ??? What should we do then ????  And that's what we're talking about now.

Begin to understand that everything EVERYTHING that has ever been told to you about why and how you came into this world is a BIG, BIG Lie. A very carefully constructed lie containing all aspects of your existence here on Earth. And d those lies were believed by your parents, your ancestors, your great historical heroes, everybody believed in the lies because it has been going on for thousands of years. Is there any Original knowledge on Earth? Not anymore.  Is everything that we know and think manipulated and controlled? Yes. And it is constructed by creatures that are much more intelligent and technologically much more advanced than us..

 It is a bit comparable to a toddler and a mature man of fifty. Where mankind is the toddler and the mature man of fifty are the Controllers. We call them the Annunaki/Syrian Overlords/Reptilians. Do they have good intentions with us. No. They think they are gods, or creator gods, and that they can rule here on Earth as they like by existing from the suffering of humanity. And for that reason, they will always keep us suffering. Yes ,they are quite smart.  They are masters in the manipulation of energies and frequencies. They use technology in such a way from which the average human being on Earth does not understand anything.

Since the coming of the digital era, we have started  to understand a bit better how it all works, because these beings are very advanced in digital technology. We call it artificial. We see their world as an artificial world that has taken the place of our Original Creation.
 They have taken the place from our Higher Self by disconnecting us from our Higher Selves through technology. And now they see us as computer programs and can program us with anything they want. Everything that we experience is programmed by them. We hardly experience something REAL.

We now know:
  How the artificial world has taken the place of Original Creation. And how we can delete the power of the artificial creation (the Matrix) by being fully United with our Higher Self.

 Because that is the only and permanent solution to become free from this entire artificial zoo of low frequencies and programming. Watch my You Tube film Hannah Klautz I'm One with my Higher Self, a 15 minutes explanation about our discovery.

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